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Sean McManamon
Business Development Manager

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Boasting a long and illustrious career of over 20 years in the Real Estate industry, Sean McManamon has the experience, passion and understanding to not only deliver the best possible outcomes for the large number of investors in his managed property portfolio, but give them peace-of-mind in knowing that they are dealing with someone who cares about their property as if it was his very own.

Working with a wide variety of property owners from high-end developers through to Mum and Dad investors, Sean has leased more than 1,600 properties during his extensive 12 years in property management. It is no surprise that his concentrated and consistent approach has on several occasions won him the coveted title of Property Lister of the Year within the greater Starr Partners network.

Sean believes that you should treat people as you wish to be treated. He was raised with a strong grounding to ‘get involved’ and help people where he could. Sean’s desire to always deliver the ultimate result for his clients is reflected throughout his large team of property management professionals, all of which are dedicated to continuous improvement. His track record speaks for itself with an enviable list of long-term investment clients entrusting their valuable property portfolios to Sean and his team to not only find ideal tenants but deliver consistently high returns year after year.