it's a matter of trust

Peace of mind is a valuable asset for landlords. Our team deliver property management expertly, consistently and always with the aim of maximising our clients return on investment.

Quality tenants are highly prized and our management team is skilled at screening tenancy applications. We want to ensure that our property owners get the calibre of renters they deserver and we believe that the screening process is one of the most important parts of the tenancy.

Thats why we adopt a 6 step screening process on each and every rental applicant.

  • Screen all applicants through national tenancy database
  • Contact former and current landlords for verbal references
  • Do a verification of the applicants employment and income
  • Speak to the applicants employer directly as a character reference
  • Obtain 100 points of identification from each applicant
  • Do a thorough check of personal references for each applicant

Once we have made the necessary checks and believe the applicant is ready to present to you, we will contact you for a decision. You will always have the final say about who rents your property. We wont recommend to you anyone that we don't believe is going to be a good tenant and looks after your property.

Starr Partners understands that maximizing occupancy is the key to maximizing the return of your investment.

Our property management departments have developed management policies that work toward the attraction and retention of quality tenants. This works toward achieving the highest possible occupancy rate. All attempts are made to properly market a property prior to a vacancy occurring to ensure a continuity of occupancy. In the event pre-emptive action may not be possible we retain a file of pre-qualified prospective tenants to view the property immediately after a vacancy occurs.

Every property receives both a very detailed room by room and overall premises inspection prior to the tenant moving either in or out. Photos are taken of each room, the overall property and any attached structures. Copies of the report and photo's are kept in each client's office file and copies can be forwarded upon request.

We also conduct drive-by inspections of your investment on regular occasions to check how the tenant is maintaining the exterior of the property. In additional we conduct a yearly inspection of both the external and interior condition and furnish you with a detailed report.

When we undertake the management of your Property Investment the first task is to conduct an inspection to ascertain any maintenance issues. Most of our Investors nominate a limit of expenditure that we can incur on their behalf for repairs. In instances where the expected cost of a repair exceeds this limit, the owner is advised and requested to approve the expenditure. In instances where a repair is considered urgent due to health and safety reasons and we are unable to contact you we will arrange for one of our highly trained trades people to attend to the repair immediately.

It is important to note that if you elect to organize your own trades people that by law they must be fully qualified and licensed. They also need to have the appropriate insurances and OH&S systems in place. If you send an unqualified person to conduct a repair and someone is injured then you may be liable and without insurance cover. In all instances maintenance requests are well documented and progress of all repairs are monitored.

Each Starr Partners office has a very strict procedure in place for the monitoring of tenant payments. In all instances where a tenant fails to meet their financial obligation they are contacted by either phone or SMS advising them that their rent has not been received. After 8 days a formal reminder letter is sent asking for payment, in addition, a member of our staff will visit the property in an attempt to resolve the matter. If they still fail to make the payment they will be issued with a notice to vacate in accordance the current legislation and you will be informed.

If the tenant fails to pay and vacate the property after receiving the termination notice and if you agree, we will make an application to the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal for a hearing and formal eviction order. It could take up to three weeks to obtain a hearing. All applications are lodged electronically to obtain the quickest possible hearing date.

The amount of bond that can be charged is governed by law and is currently four (4) weeks.

If the tenant fails to pay the rent and, when issued with a notice to vacate, fails to do so, a problem can arise as under current legislation it is not unusual to take 8 to 12 weeks to obtain vacant possession of a property via the Tribunal. In these cases the Bond will usually be insufficient to cover the lost rent and any costs incurred with cleaning and repairs. For this reason we strongly recommend that all Property Investors have some form of landlord insurance.